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Welcome to African Archaeology!

The Journal of African Archaeology is an international peer-reviewed periodical appearing half-yearly since 2003. It publishes original papers addressing recent research and developments in African archaeology and related disciplines. The journal's main purpose is to provide scholars and students with a new pan-African forum for discussing relevant topics on the cultural dynamics of past African societies.

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Journal contents:

Author Guidelines

Do you wish to submit a paper, note or announcement to the Journal of African Archaeology?

Please submit your manuscript electronically via the following link: File-upload.

Or address your manuscript to the Publisher:

Africa Magna Verlag
Altkönigblick 83
60437 Frankfurt

Books for the review session should be sent directly to the Book Reviews Editor:

Dr. Jonathan R. Walz
Rollins College
Cornell Social Sciences Building
1000 Holt Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

Submission of Papers

The Journal of African Archaeology publishes overview articles, articles on current research results as well as book reviews, article replies and announcements. Contributions should not exceed a length of 12,000 words, including abstract/résumé, acknowledgements and references.

For initiating the review process - which includes a pre-review check by the editors and the proper review by two referees - , please just submit a single PDF-file containing your manuscript as well as illustrations and tables, if any.

Only upon conclusion of the review process, and provided your paper has been accepted for publication, we will kindly ask you to provide the final, revised text as a word file and single files of the illustrations and tables in any of the formats mentioned below. This material shall be submitted either via File-Upload at our website or via surface mail in a CD-ROM.

PDF for authors

The Journal of African Archaeology provides authors with ten off-prints and a pdf-file with the publisher-created version of their articles free of charge. Note, however, that the use of the publisher-created pdf is restricted to the conditions stated in the Copyright Transfer Agreement.

Text and its Elements

Whatever way is chosen for submitting a paper to the Journal of African Archaeology, contributors should be aware of the following instructions: 
1.All elements of the manuscript (title, abstract, text body, footnotes, bibliography and captions) must be typed in double space with a typeface not smaller than 12 points;
2.Each element of the text should always begin on a new page, their order being as follows: title page, abstract, body of the text, references, captions of tables and figures;
3.The < title page > should include the title itself, and, below this, the name of the author, his/her institutional affiliation with address for correspondence as well as e-mail address.
4.The abstract page(s) should include brief texts, both in English and French, touching upon the main subjects discussed in the paper. Abstracts in each language should not surpass two hundred words and should not contain any kind of references, bibliographic citations or footnotes
5.Authors are free for the inclusion of footnotes, if these concern relevant points of the text, but the number of footnotes should be kept to the minimum necessary.
6.The bibliographical references should only contain works cited in the text. References in the text are to be made to conform to the current international literature. Page numbers are required, save for references on an entire work. Page numbers should never be followed by 'f' or 'ff', but indicated specifically. If several works are going to be cited for one single text passage, entries should be set in chronological order from the earliest to the youngest. Cited works having more than two authors must make use of 'et al.', but the bibliographical list at the end of the manuscript has to include the name of all authors of each single publication. Below, some examples on the manner of citing in the text and in the references.

Citations in the text should occur as follows:

Mustermann (1997)or(Mustermann 1997)
Mustermann (1998: 55)or(Mustermann 1998: 55)
Musterfrau (1999: 33-34)or(Musterfrau 1999: 33-34)
Mustermann & Musterfrau (2001: 56-69)or(Mustermann & Musterfrau 2001: 56-69)
Musterfrau et al. (2002: 1-10)or(Musterfrau et al. 2002: 1-10)

The bibliographical references should be typed in alphabetical order at the end of the text as a list and follow the structure of the fictive examples showed below:

Mustermann, J. 2003. The rural surroundings of Great Zimbabwe. Journal of African Archaeology 1 (1), 22-34.

Musterfrau, P. 1995. Human Responses to Climatic Change in the Chaco Region of Argentina: An Ecological and Cultural Approach. Editora Felicitas, Buenos Aires.

Unpublished (Masters/Ph.D.) Thesis
Mustermann, J. 1975. Individuality, Community Life and Social Conflicts among the Nupe of Nigeria. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis, University of Ibadan, Ibadan

Published (Masters/Ph.D.) Thesis
Musterfrau, P. 1981. The Guaraní and the Catholic View of the World: Cultural Change and Extinction of an Autochtonous People in Southern Latin America. Ph.D. Thesis, Universidade Católica de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre.

Monograph in a Series
Mustermann, J. & Musterfrau, P. 1988. Aspects of Cultural Convergence among Societies living in the Tropics. Paideuma – Studien zur Kulturkunde 35. Frobenius Institut, J-W-Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Frankfurt.

Article in a book
Musterfrau, P., Mustermann, J. & Mustersohn, K. 1992. The sword of the king: How far did coercion influence the development of African early states? In: Wonder, D. (ed.), The Emergence of African Complex Societies: Archaeological and Anthropological Approaches. Maiduguri University Press, Maiduguri, pp. 45-76.

Conference proceedings
Mustermann, J. 1997. Tobacco pipes of American origin in African archaeological sites. In: Proceedings of the XXX Pan-African Congress. Cairo University Press, Cairo, pp. 67-70.

To avoid misunderstandings in reporting radiocarbon dates, the Journal of African Archaeology opted for standardized abbreviations as follows:

Uncalibrated radiocarbon years before present bp or BP
Calibrated radiocarbon years BC or cal BC, AD or cal AD
Historical years BC or AD
Uncalibrated radiocarbon years before present in 1000 years ka bp
Calibrated radiocarbon years in 1000 years ka cal BC

Tables and Figures

Always provide a separate electronic data file of each table and figure. Contributors should send the tables complete and ready to print (as a excel or word file), but the final layout remains the decision of the publisher.

Black & white as well as colour photographs and graphics are welcomed by the editor, however, colour prints are restricted to 4 half page units or 2 full page units per contribution. Authors are, therefore, advised to choose by themselves which of their figures should be printed in colour and which not. If further colour illustrations are necessary, please contact the publishers. Contributors should be concerned with the quality of their illustrative materials, as a need for improvement can result in their return to the author. When submitted digitally, illustrations should have a minimum of 300 dpi and preferably in one of the following formats: .tif / .jpg / .ai / .psd / .pdf.

When submitted eletronically, the images should not be smaller than the size in which they will be published.

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Jonathan R. Walz, USA

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Shadreck Chirikure, South Africa
A. Catherine D'Andrea, Canada
Manfred K.H. Eggert, Germany
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Diane Gifford-Gonzalez, USA
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